A non-exhaustive list of things I have made

Stack Exchange

I'm pretty active in Stack Exchange chat, and run a few chatbots there. (most are dead right now because of cloudflare, unfortunately)

Vyxal and Esolangs

Quoting from the esolang wiki:

An esoteric programming language /ˌɛs.oʊˈtɛɹ.ɪk/ (ess-oh-terr-ick), or esolang, is a computer programming language designed to experiment with weird ideas,to be hard to program in, or as a joke, rather than for practical use.
I myself have made a few esolangs, which you can find on my GitHub; however, my interest is primarily in golfing languages. These are a subset of esolangs designed to win code golf competitions, a form of recreational programming in which one endeavours to write a program capable of doing some task (print "Hello World", say) in as few bytes as possible. Stack Exchange has a code golf site, which I used to be an active participant in; however, now I mostly use chat instead.

I have made contributions to Vyxal, a golfing language which is quite popular on the aforementioned SE site; mostly I work on their SE chatbot (and occasionally some other projects, like trying to make a compiler from Vyxal to LLVM). Most of these projects can be found on their GitHub.